Mister Miracle #10 Review

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War is front and center throughout the course of this epic Tom King mini series and Mister Miracle has been given a way to end it. It’s simple really, he must give up his own only son to Darkseid and the war ceases. This was the ultimatum that served as issue 9’s cliffhanger as every read throw up their fists in anger. The tenth issue of the series really deals with the psychology and fall out of the offer.

The biggest strength of this book is the humanizing of Scott Free and Big Barda, two characters that have some seriously deep baggage from childhood. Both of which this issue dives deep into. If you were forced into a childhood on Apokolips, don’t you think you’d have some issues as well? Tom King creates a depth for Mister Miracle that few books on stands today can do. Is one life more valuable over millions and vice versa?

The development of Mister Miracle’s arc throughout the course of this one issue is raw, honest and strong. King continues to prove he is a voice in comics that few can rival. Grounding an otherworldly book is a challenge that King makes it look like a walk in the park. The psychological element of the book really grounds these characters and proves at the end of the day even heroes struggle with humanity.


While this book is strong with writing that rivals Superman’s strength, it’s not without brilliant and beautiful art that gives King a run for his money. Mitch Gerads is a superstar equipped with a paint brush and inking. Gerads is the perfect artist for this book. Contrasting lights and darks to blend together in a way most books wouldn’t dare to do; Gerads stands out in the biggest way possible. It’s 3×3 page format continues to highlight its’ unique visual experience. Even have some people saying Mister Miracle is this generation’s Watchmen.


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