Mini Movie Review: I Am a Knife with Legs, 2014

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Just a wonderfully weird film.

I don’t even know how to describe I am a Knife with Legs– it’s sort of a series of sketches loosely connected by a knowingly nonsensical plot. Every scene is punctuated with musical numbers, trippy animated sequences, and dead pan delivery of really bizarre exchanges that made me laugh out loud, though I’m not sure I could explain why. There’s something weird about “trying to make The Room” (in quotes not because anyone said this, but because that’s sort of how I feel about this movie even though it may not be in any way accurate, that’s just how it plays) in that the joy of something bad is often that it seems unaware of its quality. I am a Knife with Legs seems fully aware, and made with the intention of becoming an oddball midnight movie classic. Yet I can’t fault it or criticize it for this, even if I would want to, because it does work. Certainly it’s those specific terms on which it works, but I actually find that impressive in some way.

I definitely recommend those of you with bizarre taste, or those of you looking to expand your film horizons, to check this out. I had a blast with it and, using the rating system from my old podcast, Trailer Trash, I’d like to qualify my 3 star rating and say that this is a 4 joint movie. You should be increasingly stoned every 20 or so minutes of this movie for maximum impact.

I am a Knife with Legs score: ★★★☆☆

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