Movie Movie Live: Star Wars!

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For those of you that have followed me and my “Internet career”, you know that Garrett Smith is a good friend of mine and has helped me with various endeavors. You’ll also be able to hear part 1 of my conversation with him on our all new podcast, Everything is Awesome, this Monday! More importantly, he has his own podcast, I Like 2 Movie Movie that he hosts with Dan Scully. Equally as important, they put on a LIVE version of the show, that is actually completely different than the podcast… it’s a comedy game show. And it’s fantastic.

I’ve only been to one of them, and that was December’s Star Wars edition. I’ve been meaning to catch Garrett at one of his many things he does and this seemed like a logical choice to start. I am so glad that I attended this game show… those boys put on one hell of a show and it is one of the most entertaining things I’ve seen. The panelists are fun, the hosts are fun, the games are fun, the entire experience was beyond fun.

My only regret was not knowing how interactive they get with the audience. I wasn’t mentally prepared to interject myself, but it made the show that much better. From random questions to being part of the games, the audience is involved for almost the entirety of the show. Garrett and Dan take elements from various game shows, give them a twist, and include their own original ideas to make an entire evening of, and I’ve used this word a lot already, fun.

I guess we consider the rest of this post spoilers, but I don’t believe it would ever ruin the experience of any future shows the boys do… BUT YOU  HAVE BEEN WARNED!

First and foremost, everyone is super friendly. As soon as I walked in, I talked with Dan Scully (whom I don’t believe I’ve ever talked to before– unless he was at that one episode of Help! I’m Trapped! I was on) and Noah Houlihan (of Plus Two Comedy) about Marvel, DC, and Star Wars. Garrett and I of course talked at length, but both he and Dan were like that with everyone.

As the show officially starts, they play a 3-5 minute sketch that they had filmed. It’s themed after the theme of their game show, so December’s was related to Star Wars. I need to talk to them about posting these up on the Internet somewhere, because it was excellent–just the right amount of goof mixed with the right amount of near perfect editing.

After the sketch, we get into the game show. The played a game before introducing the panelists, who I found out represented each team. There are various games that both the panelists and audience participate in, which usually resulted in a Creed poster, and other fun/goofy prizes, being awarded to an audience member.

It’s very clear that Garrett and Dan put a lot of time and energy into pulling this show off. I’ve made it a goal of mine to make That’s Entertainment and the things we do successful so that they will invite me to be a panelist! I’m going to do my best to make it out to the next show on February 17th at 7:30pm; located at PhilaMOCA.

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