Movie Review: Alex Cross

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Alex Cross is a movie I wrote off when I initially saw the trailer back in 2012. Even with Matthew Fox, I had no desire to see the movie. Truth be told, it was because it had Tyler Perry starring in as the titular character. My only other knowledge of Tyler Perry was his “Madea” series of film, which never seemed entertaining to me. What changed?

Gone Girl.

Tyler Perry portrays big time attorney, Tanner Bolt, and he did a stellar job. I had no idea that he had acted outside of the Madea movies, so when I was up late one night and saw Alex Cross on HBO or some other movie channel, I decide to watch it.

I can honestly say that it’s a great flick to catch from Red Box or Netflix… maybe in a purchase; but I’m glad I held off from seeing it in the theater. It wasn’t bad by any imagination, but not worth the current price of admission. Tyler Perry’s portrayal of Alex Cross is well acted and enjoyable to watch on the screen, but I think Matthew Fox steals the show as Picasso. Not only did he crush it with talent, he totally transformed his body for the role… there was very litter resemblance to Jack Shephard from Lost.

The movie centers around Alex Cross pondering if he’s going to accept a job as a profiler with the FBI before getting pulled into the “Picasso” case. He’s unsure how his wife will react to having to move to Washington, D.C., but (spoilers) she is killed by Picasso. Things have now become very personal for Alex Cross and the takes a great turn from thriller to thraction (a term I just created).

I won’t spoil the rest of the movie for you, but highly recommend you taking a night, or a rainy weekend day, and carving out some time to watch Alex Cross. It’s an entertaining film that gives you some unexpected performances from its cast.

That’s Entertainment gives Alex Cross 3.5 out of 5 stars.

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