Movie Review: Split, 2016

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I’m not going to spoil Split in any way here, which unfortunately means there’s not much I can say. I can tell you the movie is effectively thrilling, entertaining, full of good (if not great) performances, gorgeously shot and framed, and a tad tasteless. It’s ultimate reveal truly did blow my mind, for both better and worse. I wanted to get up and run through the aisle screaming as it happened and punch at least one fellow movie goer in the face just from the pure adrenaline rush it gave me. But it also ends up highlighting some issues with Split, pacing being one of them, but namely how it ultimately renders some of its tastelessness useless, making it even more tasteless. That said, a potential sequel could curb that, but I hate the idea that I can’t judge this movie on its own merits.

Split is really entertaining, and I want to say the problematic parts of it shouldn’t matter, but I can’t shake them and feel like they deserve to be addressed. But also, holy shit is the whole idea of this exciting, and the magic trick that’s pulled off does give one a unique cinematic experience and feeling. BUT ALSO, I wonder how many people get to have that experience with it – it was clear that in my theater I was the only person that wanted to punch other people as this came to its final reveal. People were audibly asking each other what it even meant. So again, this movie seems to lose as much as it gains in that ending.

I don’t know. I’m of… two minds about the whole thing. You might say I’m… Split.

(that sound you just heard was my soul ascending to heaven)

Split scored: ★★★☆☆

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