Multiple Man #2 Review

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Matt Rosenberg puts on a clinic on how to write a comic book.


Look, I usually take comic books with a grain of salt these days. Usually Issue 1’s are the heavy hitters. They get you interested in where the series will go and get you to buy #2 which will get you to buy #3, and so on. More often than not, however, if #1 knocks your socks off that means #2 will be the “so-so” issue that gets you up to speed with the finer details of character/story background.

What Rosenberg has pulled off here not only has me excited for the rest of the Multiple Man series, but has me actively seeking out anything else he’s written.

Not only did he leave us with a banger of a cliff hanger with Issue #1, but then follows it up by packing all the necessary details into enjoyable dialog along with simple, yet satisfying, visuals. But enough about him, because 15 years into the future, Madrox is fucking up all sorts of shit.

Accompanied by an unusual super-team of mutated-Multiples, the current incarnation of Madrox (who is himself a Multiple) travels 15 years into the future to find a very different landscape than he’s used too. That is…..he’s surrounded by himself. Generations of Multiples all spawned from a Multiple turned fascist leader, controlling his population in an Orwellian manner with a private military to boot.

But as with all these stories of fascists and time travel, there is a resistance.

Run by a small child and a face that will be familiar to life-long Marvel fans, this #2 not only gives us the whole setup for the future of the series, but delivers it gift wrapped in a quality I haven’t seen in comics in a long time. PICK IT UP.

Score: 9/10

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