Mymero by Atog Games

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Tabletop gaming, from standard board games to role playing to trading card games, are on the rise again. I think we can all agree that a lot of that credit can go to Wil Wheton and the entire team behind TableTop. I continue to go through spurts of playing them myself–a few months ago I spent hundreds of dollars on Magic the Gathering and started to play again for a few months. Traditional board games are harder, but with the kids starting to get older, I’m sure I’ll be able to introduce family game night often. Tabletop RPG (for those that are confused, think Dungeons and Dragons) has become a passion of mine. I’m part of a D&D campaign, but have grown to appreciate many other games in the genre (all thanks to the likes of Party of One PodcastToo Cool For Tabletop, and Campaign).

With technology evolving so wildly in the last decade or so, developers and publishers now have a plethora of options to get their work out there. Standard print and play for those of us that like to touch and feel a game and digital for those of us that prefer in more comfort. Digital has come so far that, from a developer point of view (especially first time developers), it’s a great option to launch your game and gain a following. Enter Netherlands based developer, Atog Games, and their new iPad Card Game, Mymero.

Mymero is a fantasy memory card game for the iPad. Mymero challenges you to remember where your characters are located. You must also make clever use of the bonuses and combo’s they give in certain situations. You receive Quests that tell you how much Magic, Power and Defense you need, as well as which Characteristics are required. Flipping over a card activates it for the quest, so that it may satisfy (part) of what is needed. For instance, a Quest could ask for 5 Magic, 5 Power, 5 Defense and the Characteristic “Honor”.

You can help Mymero on Kickstarter today!

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