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Dana Jacoviello

Join Bullies Keep Out, LLC founder/CEO and host, Dana Jacoviello as she discusses a variety of topics pertaining to bullying, hate, harassment, LGBTQ+, and other struggles and societal issues. Episodes may also feature celebrity and special guest interviews. BKO is a place to come together and UNITE; to create change, support, mentor, and raise awareness. BKO is built on a foundation of love, hope, kindness, and respect. Nobody is excluded. Want to share your story? Email us at

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  • Bullies Keep Out Episode 22: Happiness And Putting In The Work

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Bullies Keep Out Episode 21: What Bullying Is NOT!

The word “bully” or “bullying” gets tossed around a lot. Dana discusses the many misconceptions…

Bullies Keep Out Episode 20: Victim Role

Today, Dana discusses when we begin to fall into a victim mode, or victimizing ourselves…

Bulllies Keep Out Episode 19: Cancel Culture And Boundaries w/ Kendall Claire

Founder Dana Jacoviello and LGBTQ advisor team member Kendall Claire discuss the epidemic of cancel…

Bullies Keep Out Episode 18: Letting Go

Founder Dana Jacoviello discusses in detail the importance of letting go, hypocrisy, and more in…

Bullies Keep Out Episode 17: Friendships & Social Media

Bullies Keep Out founder, Dana Jacoviello, discusses friends and social media and the impact that…

Bullies Keep Out Episode 16: Self Bullying

Dana discusses the dangers of self bullying and ways to cope. Find out why we…

Bullies Keep Out Episode 15: Forgiveness

Founder Dana Jacoviello discusses the importance of forgiveness, and how it can change your life…

Bullies Keep Out Episode 14 – Social Media & Empathy

Dana Jacoviello discusses the positives & negatives of social media, how it is impacting our…

Bullies Keep Out Episode 13 – Shifting our Minds & Energy

Dana (founder of BULLIES KEEP OUT) and Kev (host of EVERYTHING IS AWESOME and AFTER…

Bullies Keep Out Episode 12 – Boundaries

Dana (founder of BULLIES KEEP OUT) and Kev (host of EVERYTHING IS AWESOME and AFTER…

Bullies Keep Out Episode 11 – Addiction

Dana (founder of BULLIES KEEP OUT) and Kev (host of EVERYTHING IS AWESOME and AFTER…

Bullies Keep Out Episode 10 – Hangry w/ Tennessee Martin

Dana is out on location! She sits down with filmmaker Tennessee Martin for a great…

Bullies Keep Out Episode 9 – Conversation is Key

Dana and Kev share their thoughts on good communication and why it’s important. Look for…

Bullies Keep Out Episode 8 – Coping with Bullying

Dana and Kev chat about coping with bullying. Kev also has an announcement about the That’s…

Bullies Keep Out Episode 7 – Mental Health

Dana and Kev chat about mental health.

Bullies Keep Out Episode 6 – Face Forward (Interview with Mandi Edwards)

Dana chats with Mandi Edwards, the Executive Director of Face Forward.

Bullies Keep Out Episode 5 – Interview with Zach Van Norman

Dana chats with Zach Van Norman, from Once Upon a Fan, to discuss bullying and bullying…

Bullies Keep Out Episode 4 – Suicide Awareness

BKO founder, Dana, talks about suicide, suicide awareness and prevention. Kev jumps in to share…

Bullies Keep Out Episode 3 – Gun Control

BKO founder, Dana, talks about gun control on this week’s show. Yes BKO is talking…

Bullies Keep Out Episode 2 – What is Bullying?

Happy New Year! We’re still figuring out schedules over here at the BKO Podcast, but…

Bullies Keep Out Episode 1 – #MeToo

In the inaugural episode, host and Bullies Keep Out founder, Dana Jacoviello talks about the…

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