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Superhero MovieCast is dedicated to reviewing, ranking, and analyzing superhero movies. Along with reviewing the films we also look at the inspiring themes of superheroes.

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  • superhero moviecast ep59: superman 3, 4, and returns featured image
    Superhero MovieCast EP#59: Superman 3, 4, and Returns
    After having so much fun with Superman and Superman 2, Thomas went back to watch Superman 3, 4, and Superman Returns! Are they as bad as everyone thinks?
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  • superhero moviecast ep#58: superman and superman 2 featured image
    Superhero MovieCast EP#58: Superman and Superman 2
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  • superhero moviecast ep #57 - ranking the batman films featured image
    Superhero MovieCast EP#57: Ranking the Batman Films
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    Bullies Keep Out Episode 17: Friendships & Social Media
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