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Kacey Spivey

Kacey Spivey

Kacey Spivey

Heidi-Marie Ferren

Heidi-Marie Ferren

Heidi-Marie Ferren

Welcome to the W.O.W. (Women on Women) from The Blonde Jokes! Blonde Jokes is a video sketch group created, written, directed by and starring Kacey Spivey (GLEE, What’s Trending, ScreenRant), and Heidi-Marie Ferren (Miss USO, American Housewife, Bored to Death). Be sure to leave us COMMENTS so we can say hi 🙂 XOXO




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current episode

  • W.O.W. Episode 16: The Joker, Sharon Stone and the Labels We Live By

previous episodes

W.O.W. Episode 15: Alternative Medicine vs. Modern Medicine

Kacey and Heidi explore the ups and downs of modern medicine vs. alternative medicine: What…

W.O.W. Episode 14: Epstein, Weinstein, & Lingerie

Kacey and Heidi talk about the sexually harassing “stein’s” (Epstein and Weinstein) and more on…

W.O.W. Episode 13: Democratic Debate, Body Positive Russian Influencers, and Tall Poppy Syndrome Survival Mode

The Blonde Jokes discuss the most recent Democratic Debate, their thoughts on the candidates, the…

W.O.W. Episode 12: Amelia Earhart, Climate Change & How Hemp & Pumice Can Help Save the World!

Join Kacey and Heidi as they unfold how Amelia Earhart is helping science from beyond…

W.O.W. Episode 11: Area 51, YouTubers, and Disney!

Take The Blonde Jokes to your leader as they talk about Area 51 and them…

W.O.W. Episode 10: Weddings and Working Women

With some brief downtime in their shooting schedule, The Blonde Jokes are podcasting about Weddings…

W.O.W. Episode 9: Happiness

The Blonde Jokes are unfiltered and get real on this week’s episode about happiness! They…

W.O.W. Episode 8: Self Defense w/ Nicole Snell

Nicole Snell, from Impact Personal Safety, shares her top safety strategies for women! Featuring Austin Kress…

W.O.W. Episode 7: The Lion King, Comedians in Cars, Big Little Lies

Kacey returns to discuss what’s new in entertainment this week with Heidi; including DISNEY’S newest…

W.O.W. Episode 6: Diversity w/ Gisela Chipe & Joseph Castillo-Midyett

Heidi interviews Gisela Chipe and Joseph Castillo-Midyett about their film This Boy’s Vida (Made in…

W.O.W. Episode 5: Charlie’s Angels, Mansplaining, and Science

BRAND NEW EPISODE! The Blonde Jokes go to AT&T Shape and recount their time their,…

W.O.W. Episode 4: Kim Kardashian, Black Hole, Comedy

Bonus Blonde Jokes week concludes! On this final W.O.W. bonus episode: Kim Kardashian, Black Hole pictures,…

W.O.W. Episode 3: Cardi B, Olivia Jade, Wizard of Oz

Bonus Blonde Jokes week continues! On this second of three W.O.W. episodes: Aunt Beck & Olivia…

W.O.W. Episode 2: Serena Williams, Captain Marvel, Jordyn Woods

It’s a bonus Blonde Jokes week! On this first of three W.O.W. episodes: Serena Williams &…

W.O.W. Episode 1: Blonde Jokes are Awesome

The Blonde Jokes team—Kacey Spivey and Heidi-Marie Ferren— have arrived to the THAT’S ENTERTAINMENT PODCAST NETWORK!…

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