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It’s rare to keep friendships beyond high school. Even rarer beyond middle and elementary school. And where our actual friendship may not go back to 3rd grade, I’ve known Mike for close to 23 or 24 years now. Aside from family (even though I consider him family), I haven’t known many others for as long or longer. He is my best friend, my business partner, the Ben Affleck to my Matt Damon, the Jason Mewes (minus the drugs) to my Kevin Smith. The point being, when something special happens to him it makes me incredibly happy.

Today, just a few hours ago, I stood up as one of Mike’s groomsmen as he got married to his girlfriend of just about 4 years. I could not be happier for him. I’ve already gone over how long I’ve known him, so know that when I say he’s never been happier in his life, it’s true. I remember talking to him about going on his first date with Rhianna as he was helping Jen and I move from one apartment to another in wretched weather. There was excitement mixed with nervousness.

Eventually the nervousness went away, but all these years later, it doesn’t seem like the excitement has waned any.

Obviously Mike’s brother, Matt, is taking Best Man duties (I’d like to think that if he didn’t exist, I’d have gotten the spot– so thanks for ruining MY day Matt); so let this serve as a blue print to what I may have said as a speech– but more importantly, congrats to Mike and Rhianna and thank you for allowing Jen and I to share your special day. We couldn’t be more happy for you guys.

Kevin M. Gallagher, Jr
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