Once Upon a Wine Episode 110 – Who You Gonna Call? Not Andrea.

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After a few medical emergencies, Erin and Andrea return to cover TWO weeks of Once Upon a Time! But first, we get stories of what happened with Andrea and what it’s like to be in Hollywood! Oh, and Andrea is almost fired by producers for her blasphemy remarks about Ghostbusters. We can not apologize enough for these heinous remarks.

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Kevin M. Gallagher, Jr

Kev is the co-founder of Crude Humor Studios and That's Entertainment. He also writes, produces, and directs their skits, shorts, and web series, while sharing managing editor duties for That's Entertainment.

Kev is the host of the podcast, Everything is Awesome and is the co-host of The Zombcast. He is the former host of the podcasts Happy Hour with Steel Tip, Creepcast, Happy Hour, 30 Minute Outsider, The Muff Squad, That's Entertainment, 215th Entertainment Presents: Sounds of Philly, Academic Nerds, and OuaT: The Unofficial Once Upon a Time Podcast.

Kev also writes for Dark Knight News and is working on a science fiction series.

Most of all, Kev is a dad to two wonderful children.
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