Orphans of the Secret War by Bruce King

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It’s not often that a non-fiction book graces our pages, but when one is as eye catching as Orphans of the Secret War, it’s hard to pass up the opportunity. Author Bruce King shares his real life story of being a result of the Vietnam War.

The story truly starts with Bruce’s mother and what happened during the “Secret War” in Laos and what she had to do to hide her secret (and eventually survive).

orphans of the secret war

In the 1960s and throughout the 70s, the much more powerful North Vietnamese Army took full advantage of Laos’ weaker position by fueling the internal conflict within the landlocked country and gaining room for their troops to maneuver within Laos. During this time, and fearing that the communist propaganda would cross its border with Laos and spread unrest within, The Kingdom of Thailand agreed that the US military could use Thai air bases around the country to fight in defense of freedom and democracy. The Americans swarmed into the Thai Kingdom like migrating African bees, ultimately giving Thailand something magical to smile about, at least superficially.   

The social stratosphere of Thailand quickly adapted like only Thai culture can. Cities were erected around Thai Air Force Bases throughout the nation, solidifying the shaky foundation of shadow businesses that abound in Thailand and generate a large portion of the Thai GDP. 

One nation’s lust gave rise to the “shadow economy” as it temporarily pacified another nation’s greed. To supply the popular demand, entertainment venues opened and were thronged with lonely Tahaan Falaang , and “bar-girls” willingly came in waves to provide their services.  

Is it that people who are willing to sell their bodies have no dignity, no limits? Or is it the other way around–that the person willing to buy someone’s body–has no dignity, and no limits?

It was a journey that shredded Bruce’s spirit and buried him deep in despair. He had no choice but to reach out into the unknown, begging a comet to save him and praying to any invisible powers willing to listen to an orphan’s plea. 

Fate took Bruce there. But a miracle brought Bruce out.

You can pick up Bruce King’s novel, Orhpans of the Secret War from Amazon today! That’s Entertainment will be sitting down with Bruce King for an interview, so be sure to check back in the next week or so and find out more about Mr. King and his novel, Orphans of the Secret War!

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