Pearl #1 Review

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Shock waves were sent throughout the comic world last November when DC Comics announced the fact that Brian Michael Bendis, a famous Marvel Comics writer for nearly 20 years, was moving companies. The press release noted that Bendis had signed to an exclusive deal which would last years. Fans were shocked and curious as to what characters from the DC canon, Bendis would jump into. Thus far, we’ve only seen him jump into Superman. He’s provided a mini series entitled Man of Steel & he currently writes both titles with Superman & Action Comics.

During his time at Marvel, Bendis was responsible for creating some more books which had an indie feel to it. Creating a new imprint under DC Comics, Jinx World, Bendis is back to the creator owned comics world with Pearl.


Pearl tells the story of a tattoo enthusiast (& artist) with connections to the Yuzaka. Bendis reminds us why we feel in love with characters like Jessica Jones. Pearl has alot of room for intrigue as to what this will blossom into. There is ground work here for something epic. The way it’s written though it could go one of either two ways. Could develop into a love story or a war story.

Bendis does continue his streak of brilliant writing. Unfortunately, he can’t outshine the book’s artist, Michael Gaydos. Gaydos experiments brilliantly with watercolor and solids. For the most part, the visual aspect of this book is simplistic yet powerful in its delivery.

Overall, Pearl #1 is a book that is simple in its delivery. The art of Gaydos with simple watercolor engrains art that has a lasting effect. Married together with Bendis’ writing and storytelling; it’s a perfect match. Bendis’ story telling does leave a lot of room for theories and questions. Not necessarily a bad thing. Good solid entry into the series but still too young to see if this series will sink or float.


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