Plastic Man #4 Review

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DC’s rubberband Plastic Man brings down the house in his newest issue

Plastic Man is a good guy.  Sort of. Well, he tries.

The recently resurrected Plastic Man has been bending himself in many ways; hero, mentor, pimp with a heart of gold, all the while investigating a possible enemy infiltration into DC’s classic team-ups.  He’s not just looking out for the little guy, he’s fighting for everybody.

In his recent issue, the Eel is attempting to foster his newest street-based sidekick Pado Swakatoon, while attempting to find the identity of the villainous Cabal that has sent copycat heroes on a rampage through the city.  Aiding him in his mission is Obscura, the super-spy, counter-terrorist from the pages of Batgirl, and a group of exotic dancers who dress up like members of the Justice League. Strange bedfellows who make reliable allies.

The main message has been kept alive through the series; try as he may, an insane man, made from experimental radioactive rubber, may not be able to fit the Batman-style hero mold.  But to hell with molds! Break em, kick em, put em in a stew. Plastic Man breaks all common tropes, revivifies good Golden Age banter, while making each panel unique and witty.

No spoilers, but the action in this issue is obviously leading up to a bigger battle in the future.  There are subtle references, followed my overt nods, and a classic villain curtain call. Plastic Man is giving us the classic ‘detective comic’ storyline, but to any seasoned comic book nerd, this issue is the thunder before the storm.

Stay tuned, Plastic Fans.

Score: 7/10

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