Review: Aquaman #36

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The Assassination of King Rath goes on…..and on…..and on….

If you wanted an example of how difficult it is to jump into the middle of a run, this is the one to pick up. It’s not that the story is dull, it’s actually quite interesting. But the speech-bubbles are many, and not far between. So much so that it takes away from the artwork in general, which is excellent.

Now look, before I go any further: I am fully aware that I am jumping in the middle of a run. I’m also well aware that there need to be these kinds of dialog-heavy issues so that they can progress the story. But damn…this has more dialog than a 90’s Art House flick about politics.

In this episode of “Days of Our Fishy Lives”, we find our King sneaking back into Atlantis with the help of a palace guard named Murk. Apparently a deep-sea demon named Rath has taken over Atlantis, and our classically dressed Gold/Green fish scale hero is back to re-claim his rightful throne.

Like the third act of “The Two Towers”, there is a lot of plot to be served up on this silver platter of flexing muscles and fists punching demonically fishy faces.

There is plenty of action, and plenty of Atlantean favorites bouncing around. I would imagine too, that if you have been following along through all the previous 35 issues, you will be better served by this King vs King action sequence. If you are a newcomer to the series though, put it down. Step away and go grab issues #1-#35.

Yes you’ll have a lot to catch up on, but if the art and the actual CONTENT of all the multitudes of speech bubbles are any indication: it’s a series that is quite good.

-Shatterstar (@bkmullen_)

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