Review: Batman #47

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Bruce Wayne Inadvertently Saves Batman

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“The Gift” Finale

Writer:  Tom King

Artists: Tony Daniel, Sandu Florea, and Tomeu Morey

(Spoilers ahead) 

Batman #47 wraps up this Booster Gold story line, The Gift. Booster thinks a good wedding present would be to go back in time, stop Thomas and Martha Wayne from being killed, and show Bruce how terrible life would be in that timeline sounds just as good as it does on paper. Call me old fashion, but even a toaster sounds like a better idea. Or, as Skeets suggests, a cheese tray.

Taking place a year after the previous issue, Batman #47 opens with Skeets being brought back online and Bruce Wayne using a fake Batman and Catwoman as target practice. Alternate Bruce wants to go back in time to prevent Batman (inadvertently) and Catwoman (not so inadvertently) from killing his parents, but Skeets will only work for Booster. Booster Gold then tricks Bruce into requesting to go back to when his parents were killed… in Crime Alley.

Batman #47 sits in the same zone as the previous issue did for me—a story that seems better on paper than in practice. I can’t reiterate enough that I believe the problem is that I binge read the Batman Rebirth run, which has been near perfect. But The Gift arc, that concludes in this issue, seems like it came out of left field—however, that may just be a “me” problem and how I read this run to catch up. That being said, Batman 47 does have it’s moments—mainly those focusing on Booster Gold and Skeets. While he never fully breaks the fourth wall, Booster walks that line.

King Reigns Supreme on ‘Batman

Tom King continues to reign supreme with his work on Batman. While I’m not fully into the story of this arc, King still delivers a strong script. I’m particularly fond of the work he did with Booster Gold in this issue—bringing life to a character I’m lukewarm about. The humor King brings to this issue helps make up for the story and with the end of this arc, I’m genuinely excited to see what happens as we inch closer to Bruce and Selina’s big day.

Tony Daniel’s art also continues to be flawless. He makes Booster Gold go from looking like a deranged drifter to a fit superhero in a matter of panels. I’m also particularly fond of the design of ‘Alternate’ Bruce. He has a Punisher feel to him, down to the the dark, subtle, skull on his protective vest. Daniel also handles panels that are dialogue heavy very well; finding the happy balance of not crowding the panel, but giving enough visual context to whats going on.


The Gift story arc just didn’t hit me the way the rest of King’s Batman stories have; however Batman #47 still has quality writing and art to keep my attention. The arc has also provided me some more context about Booster Gold as a character, making me more interested in other stories that feature him.

Score: 7/10

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