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Review: Batman Prelude to The Wedding – Red Hood vs. Anarky #1

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“In Sickness and in Health”

Writer: Tim Seeley

Artists: Javier Fernandez, John Kalisz

(Spoilers ahead) 

It’s been just over a year since I left off reviewing this series (both Batman and the Prelude mini-series leading up to the big Bat/Cat even) and while it may be old news, I’m in a mood to review! Stay tuned to a few Bat-related single issue reviews followed by “review by arc” pieces until we’re back in real time.

Red Hood vs. Anarky #1 brings back the happy couple of Batman and Catwoman as minor characters in the issue. While Batman is with Superman and Nightwing, eating Bat-burgers, Selina Kyle is out with her friends for her bachelorette party. Batman, the worried groom, tasks Jason Todd with keeping an eye on Selina and her friends. One thing leads to another, and Red Hood prevents anarchy.

While there’s nothing particularly wrong with this issue, there isn’t anything that particularly stands out either. This could be because I’m not well versed in Red Hood or any of his recent series, but this issue more or less seemed like a way to get a quick story in here with the character. Previous Prelude to the Wedding issues did a great job telling a story around this Batman event, while holding it’s own. I suspect this issue may do the same if you’re a big fan of Red Hood and the Outlaws (or even just the Red Hood character), but it misses the mark otherwise.


My feelings on this issues doesn’t change the fact that Tim Seeley continues to crush these Prelude issues. Red Hood vs. Anarky #1 doesn’t suffer in quality of it’s writing (or it’s art)—it falls right in place with the preceding issues, and sets up for the final issue of the Prelude series perfectly. I also suspect Seeley snuck in a great panel that could potentially foreshadow the outcome of Batman #50 (yes, it’s been over a year, but I haven’t read it yet! So, shush with those spoilers!). Once I’m caught up with the current Batman run, I plan on taking a big deep dive into Seeley’s work on Batman Eternal!


Unlike the previous issue, Red Hood vs. Anarky #1 doesn’t necessarily have to be read for this Bat-event. While there could be one line in the issue that foreshadows the outcome of Batman #50, it’s not a crucial line the requires a reading of this issue. However, the writing is on point and if you’re a fan of Red Hood, this issue will be right up your alley.

Score: 8/10

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