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Review: Batman Prelude to the Wedding – Robin vs Ra’s Al Ghul #1

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I Suppose You’ll Want Me To Call You “Mother…”


“From This Day Forward”

Writer: Tim Seeley

Artists: Brad Walker, Andrew Hennessy, Mick Gray, Jordie Bellaire

(Spoilers ahead) 

While The Gift arc technically kicked off “The Road to the Wedding”, these Prelude to the Wedding issues make it even more real. Plus, that The Gift arc was real weird. Leading up to Batman and Catwoman’s big day, there will be several one-shot “prelude’s” to said big deal featuring important bat-verse characters. The first one features Robin taking on his own grandfather, Ra’s Al Ghul.

Prelude to the Wedding: Robin vs Ra’s Al Ghul #1 is mainly about Damian Wayne fully accepting that his father is set to wed Selina Kyle. In a normal world and a normal family, this may seem fine, but in all actuality; Robin has to accept that his father, Batman, is set to wed Catwoman—a thief. This leads to a fun B-story surrounding Damian and Selina, but the bulk of the story belongs to Damian and his grandfather. Though, in ways that may not seem obvious.

I truly do enjoy this issue. Damian is drugged and hallucinates a fight in the future between himself and the son of Batman and Catwoman. It’s a fun story that shows how Damian views himself in the shadow of Bruce; but it’s not necessarily the story that I care most about. The ‘B-story’ is what I’m very fascinated by. Selina and Damian spend the opening and closing pages getting to know one another. While the open leaves their relationship very rocky; it bookends very nicely with mutual respect for one another.


Tim Seeley delivers an awesome script and an awesome story. The only major complain I have is that the main story and the ‘B-story’ should have flipped. I’d prefer to spend more time with Selina and Damian as their relationship and bond forms. While an interesting read; the story that happens between the bookends of the ‘B-Story’ doesn’t seem nearly as important.

Brad Walker also delivers on art. He does a great job at keeping this feeling like it belong with the rest of the Batman line; but also has his own spin to the style. I’m not quite sure what it is, but Walker’s style here seems like it’s a perfect fit for Seeley’s story.


Batman: Prelude to the Wedding: Robin vs. R’as Al Ghul has two terrific stories at its core; but it does seem like the wrong one was picked up as the “main story”—the ‘B-story’ featuring Selina nad Damian should have been the focal point. Other than that; this book felt right at home with any other “Bat” story.

Score: 8/10

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