REVIEW: Border Town #2

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Writer: Eric M. Esquivel

Artists: Ramon Villalobos, Tamra Bonvillain

What you do with an alien or monster invasion? Its always interesting to talk about aliens and their “existence” with people. Some people buy into the fact that they do, indeed, exist. While others believe we are the only civilization in the galaxy. Let’s just say for argument sake that they do indeed exist and that you came face to face.

Now we can talk about Border Town, one of the newer titles from DC’s Vertigo line. Following the events of the series’ first issue, we find our main characters at a diner. Truthfully this is pretty much a scene that I think would a lot of us would recreate. They are simply trying to rationally explain what they just experienced. What’s better to do that than breakfast food? Nothing, exactly.

The thing about the storytelling is that works on multiple levels, it’s not our world that has ramifications. I love seeing the balance between our world and this other worldly plain. Esquivel does such a magnificent job at balancing the both grounded nature of the real world but also the blood and gore of the monster world. Not to mention the book’s opening sequence, which flashes out one of its main characters, is terrifically done. Such a simple scene but allows readers to relate more to the protagonists a bit better.


The art team of Ramon Villalobos & Tamra Bonvillain…my goodness. Its raw, beautiful and oddly colorful. The art alone makes this book feel like a throw back to Vertigo’s early days. I’m talking about titles like Hellblazer and Swamp Thing – these iconic Vertigo titles. Border Town could go down as a book in the modern age with iconic art of old. I can’t speak enough good things about this art.

Overall, Border Town #2, is an immaculate piece of modern day storytelling. Marrying two worlds together with outstanding writing and raw and colorful art – Border Town is a title worth the follow. Esquivel does a marvelous job of crafting realism with the fantastic for an engaging experience. An experience that is only matched by the art team of Villalobos & Bonvillain with a beautiful and electrifying that throws back to the early days of Vertigo’s most iconic properties.


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