REVIEW: Doomsday Clock #7

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“Blind Spot”

WRITER: Geoff Johns

ARTIST: Gary Frank

Its September 25th and I’m struggling to stay awake. Fueled up on a Rockstar Energy Drink and awaiting the chance to talk Halloween V: The Revenge of Michael Myers on a friend’s podcast. I’m sitting, anxious & falsely wired. Its September 26th and you’re anxiously awaiting the seventh issue of Doomsday Clock.

Nearly 30 years writer, Alan Moore, fleshed out a god named Doctor Manhattan. He tells of the 1950s, his first kiss with a woman named Janey Slate, clocks and fathers – just to name a few. Now in our present era writer, Geoff Johns, takes the same approach with Alan Scott & Doctor Manhattan in the DC Universe.

As soon as you start reading the opening narrative from Doctor Manhattan, you know this issue is a game changer. DC’s previous attempts at marrying the Watchmen universe to the DC universe hasn’t always been the best. The series, Before Watchmen, oversexualized and over vulgarized these characters it just seems like no writer truly understood what separates and makes these characters so iconic. Until Geoff Johns.

Johns proves again that he understands these characters and their lore. Not just the Watchmen characters but the DC ones engaging with them at the same time. Just one example is the Joker’s first reaction to meeting Manhattan:

“Whoever you are put on some clothes for God’s sake. Or at least for mine.”

Again, Johns understands these characters. His writing on this series and this issue in particular is immaculate. Its utter perfection. To take one of the most beloved mythologies of all time and craft that to something else that’s equally as beloved. Then, marry the two. Johns is a genius and poet.

Dave Gibbons had his hand at crafting the look of the characters that stayed with us for so long. His task of continuing legacy was just as challenging. Artist, Gary Frank, picks it up perfectly. Crafting a detailed and warm environment with a welcoming color palette. It allows the book to not only stand on it’s own but also pay homage to its roots.


Overall, The Doomsday Clock #7, is a welcome addition to an already fantastic series. It paces itself just like its predecessor and with the addition of Manhattan to the series, Johns welcomes poetry to the narrative. This book is beautiful from start to finish. With art that never leaves your soul to writing that leaves you speechless.

FINAL SCORE: 10 / 10

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