Review: Hawkman #1

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A classic Justice League member is reincarnated yet again, and he’s trying to find out why.

I picked up this title as a challenge to myself. I’ve always been aware of Hawkman and his existence in the DC Universe, but only through other titles he’s shown up in. He’s just always been, to me, one of those characters only created to fit a purpose of someone else’s story. Whether that was true before or not, it’s certainly not now.

This first issue of his billionth reincarnation (both accurate in real life AND in canon) harnesses a great balance. Re-introduce the character for new readers, but don’t make the ones who already know his origin bored. We’ve known for a long time that he is a scientist bent on protecting history, and has been reincarnated over and over since the dawn of man.

I don’t really know what he was like before, but this dive into the character is happily familiar.

“Bronze Age” Hawkman pictured with The Justice Society

The best way I can describe it is Indiana Jones with wings. A god-like immortal (although technically not) who has a classically handsome form and a deep love of archaeology. Naturally, no whip, but the mace does just as well as he dives deep into a cave below the sea to fight a giant ape (also with wings, possibly from space) for a treasure that will answer a question that has been burning within him for centuries:

Where did he come from, and why does he keep coming back from the dead?

Finishing up with a visit to an old friend with a touch of magic, Hawkman sees visions of his past long forgotten and more questions than answers. All in all, a banger of a first issue, and I can’t wait to see more.

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