REVIEW: House of Whispers #1

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This past week, where I live in Pennsylvania, we’ve seen the after effects of a tropical storm. We’re currently gearing up to experience the after effects of another. It just goes to show that even when something doesn’t directly effect us in our current season, we can still feel the effects. This has really been a central theme to the Sandman Universe titles following the revelations spinning out of The Sandman Universe #1.

Enter the latest title in the saga, House of Whispers. In the introduction issue, we meet Mistress Erzulie. Erzulie runs a party house in the other realm that rivals Mardi Gras. This portion of the book doesn’t really serve any purpose within the overarching story. Which, honestly, was my biggest problem with this book. Both titles in Universe & The Dreaming have been solid entries into the mythos but Whispers falls a bit flat of its’ predecessors.


This book does tackle more of the lesbian couple’s story we met in Universe. They get entangled into certain aspects of Dream’s missing memorabilia, which is where the plot turns and starts to get good. That’s about all I can say without really spoiling the plot of the book. The random people we met in Universe was a bit of a complaint for me. Seeing them utilized here though, does make this book contain a bit of value.

The art of the book continues to deliver in the vein of the predecessor books. The color palette takes us to a different portion of this realm and does a great job at welcoming us with warm colors. Especially some of the paranormal stuff.

Overall, House of Whispers #1, takes a long time to warm up. Even when it finds footing, it’s a bit too late. The story focuses a bit too much on exploring the other realm rather than focusing on the narrative at hand. It still manages to intrigue and entertain. The art helps in a big part of that.

FINAL SCORE : 5.5 / 10

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