Review: Jurassic Park, 1993

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Director: Steven Spielberg
Writer: Michael Crichton
Starring: Sam Neill, Laura Dern, Jeff Goldblum

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I mean, does it get any better than an actual 20 foot tall T-Rex poking it’s head out of the trees?

Thanks to all the puppetry and animatronics in Jurassic Park, there is a sense of scale to this none of the sequels have ever achieved, and I think that might be the key issue they could fix to start making them work again (though, after the finale of Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, there’s no way these are going back to any kind of “grounded”).

And Timmy gets FUCKED UP over the course of this movie. And every time, all Dr. Grant can think to say is “You OK there Timmy? Now I’m sorry you’re hurt, but the goods news is, THIS PROVES MY THEORY THAT THEY BIRDS, DAWG.”

I really love Jurassic Park, it’s a perfect combination of character and spectacle that everyone is always trying to recreate, but seemingly only Spielberg knows how to get just right. This is a blast from start to finish and holds up remarkably well, standing shoulder to shoulder with Spielberg’s other monster-movie great, JAWS.

Score: ★★★★★

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