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Review: Justice League – No Justice #3

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Which Worlds Will Die?

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“No Justice” Part 3

Writers: Scott Snyder, James Tynion IV, Joshua Williamson

Artists: Riley Rossmo, Marcus To, Hi-FI

(Spoilers ahead) 

In No Justice #2, we see the new Justice League teams start to successfully work together. In No Justice #3, we start to see the results of that work. Although Vril Drox explains that the heroes can’t win; Brainiac had never intended on saving anything but Colu—so he could conquer it. These new Justice League teams, one by one, prove Drox wrong as they find ways around Brainiac. But was it enough?

No Justice #3 puts our teams into what seems like an unwinnable situation. Brainiac had ensured that they would fail if he didn’t survive and the teams believed there was nothing to they could do. And while key members on each team seem to rise to the occasion and break Brainiac’s fail safes, it feels like the Omega Titan is just too powerful. My favorite story explored in this issue is that of the relationship between Starro and Martian Manhunter. Prior to the potential destruction of Colu and Earth, they stood on opposing sides. Martian Manhunter fighting alongside the Justice League and Starro fighting to conquer worlds. It’s through their similar powers that they share a bond and the shared threat that shows what could have been a fascinating friendship in another universe.

This team of writers—Scott Snyder, James Tynion IV, and Joshua Williamson—work great together. In the three issues I’ve read to date, their voices blend together. There is never a moment that the dialogue and story feel like a new person has taken the reigns. The two most impressive things about No Justice #3 is that, at this point, the characters I’m most interested in are Martian Manhunter and Starro and how dire things feel.

The End of The World

This title is filled with characters that are considered much more mainstream, yet it’s a martian and a starfish I care most about. Technically, it’s their relationship I care about, and it doesn’t take away from the other arcs explored in this limited run. Despite knowing that good guys tend to always win, Snyder/Tynion/Williamson do a great job at making every moment with these teams feel important. The situation is dire… the end of the world (or worlds) is imminent!

The only point in this issue where I raise an eyebrow is at the art. It’s all very good, but—unlike in the writing—you can see when the baton is passed.

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While both styles are great, they are very different and is kind of jarring to jump between. Other than that, the issue looks beautiful—most of it takes place on Colu, which has been a delight to visit in these last few issues.


Justice League: No Justice #3 continues to deliver. It’s interesting to see these new team configurations, especially now that they’re clicking. I’d like to see more unlikely friendships, like Martian Manhunter and Starro, be born from this and look forward to the concluding issue and how things will be dealt with on Earth. The only ding this issue gets is on the art—while it’s all very good, I’d like to see one style to keep me fully engulfed by the story.

Score: 9/10

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