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Review: Justice League – No Justice #4

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“No Justice” Finale

Writers: Scott Snyder, James Tynion IV, Joshua Williamson

Artists: Frances Manapul, Hi-Fi

(Spoilers ahead) 

Justice League: No Justice #4 wraps up the fallout from the Metal run. In four issues, DC Comics shook up everything we knew about the Justice League, heroes, and villains. By the end of the entire run, the universe—if not the entire multiverse—has changed.

In No Justice #4, the new teams don’t have time to mourn the sacrifice of Starro or the planet of Colu. They need to figure out how to get to Earth before the Omega Titans destroy it. On Earth, Amanda Waller feels the only action left to attempt to save humanity is nuclear options—resulting in the deaths of millions. Green Arrow thinks the Green Lanterns can help… but is it enough?

While I don’t feel that I felt any real threat to Earth in No Justice #4, I was curious how the heroes (and villains) were going to save it. This issue also explained why the Green Lanterns didn’t come to the rescue right away—which has felt strange since the beginning. I’m also very confused about the status of the heroes who weren’t recruited by Brainiac—I thought they were all put into some kind of stasis. Yet, at least Green Arrow (since issue #1), Supergirl, and Batgirl are still around.

Overall, No Justice #4 is completely satisfying as an issue and finale. The outcome makes sense and sets up some very nice things in the future of both the Justice League(s) and DC universe. Though, if the teasers are any indication, I am bit disappointed that the various Justice League shake up teams won’t necessarily include the teams we saw in this mini-series.


It comes as no surprise that the writing team has overwhelming succeeded yet again. The dialog is strong and the story continues to be one of the best modern day tales. As I mentioned above, the only confusing part of the story is which “secondary” heroes are sidelined and which are still out in the field. Other than that, Scott Snyder, James Tynion IV, and Joshua Williamson crushed this mini-series.

My previous review cited a minor issue with the art which has been completely corrected here. Usually, my eye doesn’t catch inconsistencies; however in issue #3 it did. No Justice #4 has the benefit of being penciled by a singular artist, Frances Manapul, which helped keep a consistent look to the issue. As usual, Manapul delivers a book that is absolutely beautiful.


Justice League: No Justice promised some shake ups and it delivered. Snyder and his team of writers and artists gave a great follow up to the mega Metal crossover event and it leaves the doors open for some new, interesting stories. No Justice #4 wrapped up a self-contained mini-series that didn’t require the reading of Metal to follow. This particular issue looked and read great.

Score: 10/10

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