REVIEW: Mister Miracle #11

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Those sole two words have been etched into my brain after reading every single issue of this series. Finally, after eleven issues the God of Apokolips makes his debut into the series. The more and more the series develops the more it feels like a modern day Watchmen.

At the end of last issue, Scot Free is given a choice in stopping a war on his home of Apokolips. The only catch is he has to surrender his first new born in exchange. Pretty stuff choice to make, right? That’s basically the course of action for this issue. Seems pretty cut and dry but when you’re titular character is an escape artist and you’re a master writer named Tom King – expect the unexpected. This book is filled with emotion, twists, turns and justice. Cant forget justice.

Even in the depths of a subject like war, King manages to find moments to bring in humor. Like I had previously mentioned, this is a very emotional issue for both of the books characters. They are coming face to face with the man who kept them in captivity they’re entire childhood. Some pretty harsh language is said and King brilliantly slips in a panel or two where humor takes center stage. Barda criticized Scott for cussing in front of their son, Jacob; it’s not a game changer moment. It’s a quiet but humorous moment. And its not alone. King continues to shine on this title.


That’s right. Only matched by the exquisite writing is the brilliant art of Mitch Gerard. Gerard continues to shine with art that holds no prisoners. Its raw and gritty. It’s amazing how the art mirrors the tone the writing is distributing. Gerard delivers a style that’s realistic and gripping upon rawness.

Overall, Mister Miracle #11, is again a must buy. This series could be one of the best on shelves at the moment. Married together with emotional writing and raw and gripping art. Gerard and King are a pair that can’t be touched. Can not, I repeat, can not recommend this book enough.


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