Review: Multiple Man #1

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In a stellar return, Marvel gives us multiple reasons to keep reading.

Over the years there have been a bunch of characters in the Marvel Universe that one may consider a “toss-in”. Could this scene use an extra voice? Toss this character in. When you have a line that needs to be delivered, but not by a character important to the story, just pick one and toss em in. Multiple Man has always felt like one of those characters. Only carrying pieces of a story that literally ANY OTHER CHARACTER could.

But in his own series this year, that is changing in a big way.

This issue opens up with an instantly familiar face, although not MM’s. Big Guy (also lovingly known as Guido) casually rips off the door of a secret laboratory that has been hermetically sealed for quite sometime. What do they find inside? None other than Multiple Man, presumed dead for years, and in a slightly different form than he was previously left. We come to find out that our hero has an intense degenerative disease and that he had been testing cures on himself for years while locked away.

Back out into the world (well…the X-Mansion), MM struggles to figure out the next step in the process as Beast starts trying to also dissect a possible cure while dealing with MM’s “Deadpool-esque” sense of humor.

All of this is all setup, however, for the main event of the issue.

The weirdest type of cameo’s I’ve ever seen in a Comic Run, let alone a single issue.

Score: 9/10

This version of Multiple Man is in-your-face with action, science, humor, and classic X-Men characters that will give you that warm fuzzy familiar feeling. It’s like taking a step back into the 90’s X-Men that we all love, but through the eyes of a character we never considered. The writing is brilliant, as is the artwork, and I this is one I’ll be actively seeking out month after month.


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