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Odd question to ask during a comic review but hey, I’m an odd guy. Do you remember that episode of Futurama? The death by snu-snu one? Theres a line where Captain Branagin says, “please the body is willing but the flesh is weak”. Yeah, well, as we dig more in the second issue of the Bendis title, Pearl, that’s a prevalent theme. Being willing but not because you wanna be.

Our journey continues on with Pearl, a young woman who desires more than anything to be just a tattoo artist. However, given her family’s history, she is an unwilling but good assassin. The thing about this series that I’m finding is its strongest suite is its simplicity. The first issue really delivered a simple concept and that storytelling style translates extremely well to its second issue.


Back in the day, in the medium of comics, it wasn’t uncommon to wait an issue or two before finding out the origins of our heroes. While the first issue does really explore much of the character’s roots, this issue dives in deep. Bendis does an outstanding job at balancing the past and present. Given the reader just enough backstory to better understand the character and her situational history. While still progressing the plot of the series forward.

The art of the series, done by Michael Gaydos, is bold to say the least. Gaydos takes what he established in the series’ first issue and builds wonderfully upon it. Delivering a fresh and bold artistic take. Experimenting with colors and art styles that feel like they spun out of Blade Runner 2049. Its very cinematic the way in which he makes the watercolor to the raw and rough style of the pencils.

Overall, Pearl #2, is an issue that continues in the simplistic voice of its predecessor. While also building on the mythology and delivering readers new depth to its characters. Balancing this with a stylistic approach of progressively moving the plot forward. Its matched only by its daring and bold artistic vision masterfully given by Michael Gaydos. If you are not following Pearl, you are missing out.


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