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Writer: Brian Michael Bendis

Artist: Michael Gaydos

I think it’s safe to assume we’ve all hit traffic. The thing about traffic is when you hit and it slows down your journey, you start to wonder what is going on. Why is there a hold up? We slowly start processing all the things that could lie ahead. Up to this point in his series, Pearl, that’s basically what Brian Michael Bendis has done. He’s created this rather fast paced but simple story about a reluctant assassin who doubles as a tattoo artist. To date, the series has two issues out, with a third on the way.


The first act of the third issue through it acts like that traffic jam. It introduces a character who may or may not be an antagonist – we don’t know. The first few pages introduce us to the Endo twins. Characters who in the long run of the series could in fact prove to be a vital part of the overall story but for the first few pages feel misplaced. Usually a move with characters such as this is placed during the end of issue or in the middle. Just look at how Geoff Johns approached Cyborg and Shazam origins for his run on Justice League. Not saying this is necessarily a bad thing for Bendis, it just feels misplaced for the story thus far.


When the story finally redirects its attention back to the titular character, the series returns to its simplistic roots. The handling of the Pearl character is immaculate. It almost feels Shakespearean in the way Bendis portrays a story of star crossed individuals who could or could not be lovers. Its a beautiful dynamic and Bendis shines in his storytelling.

This book though continues to just have glorious action sequences littered throughout it. The art of Gaydos is a marvel to beheld here. His use of color coordination is breathtaking. Its’ like experiencing a sunset on the water front, only its’ the Yazuka. These two make this a book to follow and anticipate from month to month.

Overall, Pearl #3, adds a bit of mystery to the mythology here. For the introduction to new characters, it feels a bit misplaced. Though, curiousity still heavily exists for where it will lead. Bendis continues to craft an elegant story of a girl being torn between worlds. With art by Michael Gaydos, the book gets a colorful yet aggressive visual experience few books can offer. I’ve said once and I’ll say it again – if you are not following Pearl you are missing out!


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