REVIEW: The Dreaming #1

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We’re coming up on the 30th anniversary of The Sandman. If there is one thing DC Comics knows how to do right, it’s celebrating the/ir characters. This year alone we’ve been fortunate enough to celebrate the 80th anniversary of Superman through various series and mediums including The Death of Superman, Man of Steel mini-series and more. Next year, we’ll be celebrating the 30th anniversary of Dream and his adventures. While Vertigo has already given us, The Sandman Universe, now the mystery continues with the first of many new series spinning its’ way out of the dreamscape.

Taking place after the events of Universe, the series continues the mystery of it’s ending. Only catch is, that’s really background noise compared to the shining star of the story. The story grabs you, brings you into the dreamscape and doesn’t let you go. Bringing more depth to Dora, a character introduced to us during Universe, the book proves that the Sandman has great depth and still has a lot to offer even after all these years.


With Simon Spurrier on writing duties, he proves the famous and beloved property can exist after Gaiman. If only DC had taken the same approach to Before Watchmen but that’s another story. Spurrier builds beautifully on what Gaiman created in Universe. While at the same time, he creates a riveting tale that is equally accompanied by empathy, mystery and action.

With storytelling aspects that span so many different emotions, you need art that is gonna accompany it just as well. The art and writing need to compliment and balance one another. Artist, Bilquis Evely, does a marvelous job at doing just that. Creating a palette that welcomes with colorful array. Evely does a fantastic job at carrying on the legacy that Sam Kieth started 29 years ago.

Overall, The Dreaming #1, is a wonderful companion piece to the previously released The Sandman Universe #1. Whether or not, it has enough to stand on its’ own is yet to be seen. Writing by Simon Spurrier and art by Bilquis Evely, the series is off to a great start. The two work great together and I’m excited to see where this series will go.


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