REVIEW: The Dreaming #2

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“The Foundation”

Writer: Simon Spurrier

Artists: Bilquis Evely, Mat Lopes

The Sandman Universe continues to grow its mythology with the second issue of its first spin-off series, The Dreaming. This particular issue is a rather bold entry into not only the series, but the mythology as a whole.

For those that may or may not know, with in these new set of books, Dream has gone missing. The world of The Dreaming is reeling from the absence of their master. The first issue in the series told how the main characters, these characters of authority, are responding to his absence. This issue is bold in its delivery because it tells a similar tale – only from the secondary character’s point of view.


Honestly, this aspect of the book is something I respect about this book. Though, it’s not something that’s necessarily enjoyable. For the majority of the book, you explore the land with Mervyn. While I do enjoy the character as whole, hes not exactly leading man material. This issue doesn’t necessarily do a good job at standing on its own.

While the story telling isn’t exactly the strongest, the art more than makes up for it. Featuring the art team of Bilquis Evely & Mat Lopes, the two create a wondrous dynamic of wonder and vibrancy. Balancing an almost dark and raw nature to vibrant and colorful palette of the book’s environmental; the book is balanced and married well.

Overall, The Dreaming #2, not the strongest entry for the series. Its bold in its nature to tell the story from the point of view from the secondary character. Combined with art that balances darkness and vibrancy. The Dreaming is still a title worth checking out. Whether you’re a sandman fan or are just curious.


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