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Review: Titans Season 2 Episode 1 – Trigon

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Writers: Akiva Goldsman, Geoff Johns, Greg Walker

Director: Carol Banker

(Spoilers ahead) 

Titans Season 2 is here! When the DC Universe app was first announced, I was very excited about the possibility. While I don’t use it as much as I should, I still love it dearly. Titans kicked off the streaming service as the first original series and, despite a rocky start, shaped up to be very enjoyable. Overall, most of Greg Berlanti’s other produced shows are a bit better, but this held it’s own! In retrospect, I do think it’s the “worst” of the three original live action series we’ve gotten from DC Universe so far, but that’s doesn’t mean it was a bad show.

In the Titans Season 2 premiere, Trigon, the titular villain and Rachel’s father, Trigon, sets out to destroy the world. To do so, he shows the Titans to embrace their inner darkness and win them over to his side. It’s a direct continuation of the events that ended Season 1, while also starting up new stories and characters (include Bruce Wayne himself). With Trigon defeated, the Titans split up and Dick Grayson (and the youngins) go west to embrace their comic book roots.

Trigon, if I’m being honest, was a bit of a mess. Not terrible, but it’s completely bewildering that the first half of this episode wasn’t the first season’s finale. Now, likely, it was—the first season initially had a 12 episode order, but the last episode was moved to the second season episode count. Trigon as a whole may not have worked as last year’s finale, but it was too much to take in as the season premiere too. The defeat of Trigon felt too easy, considering how easily manipulated nearly the entire Titans team was.


When the show shifts to what feels like that actual Season 2 premiere, things improve drastically. It appears Titans will be going in a slightly lighter direction—this is good; the first season certainly had the heroics that Berlanti superhero shows are known for; but it was missing a lot of humor and heart. I’m looking forward to a season that offers a mix of those three H’s, while maybe even being more adult than what you can find on The CW. There were only two big misfires in the back half of the episode:

  1. Missed opportunity with Titans Tower not being the shape of a T.
  2. Bruce Wayne.

I’m not big on the writing, directing, or even performance when it comes to film and TV. I just need a good story to get me hooked. That being said, the casting of Iain Glen as Bruce Wayne (and, assumingly, Batman) is not great. Glen is a great actor and was fantastic to watch in (the few seasons I watched of) Game of Thrones, but I don’t see him as Bruce Wayne. Particularly the Bruce Wayne that Dick talked about in Titans. I get more of an Alfred vibe from him, but it’s clear that the character won’t be a huge part of the show; so I don’t foresee Glen’s take on Bruce Wayne being too much of a distraction. The rest of the cast crushed the roles that they have made their own and I’m very excited to see where the show goes from here.


Despite my low score, I did enjoy this episode. It just made zero sense as a Season 2 premiere. Had they taken the first half of this episode and fully fleshed it out, kept it in Season 1, I think there not only would have been a more rewarding Season 1 finale to Titans; but a better Season 2 premiere could have been delivered. Regardless, I’m very excited to see the Titans continue to develop and grow while taking on Deathstroke (who, no offense to Esai Morales, should have been cast with Manu Bennett—officially linking Titans to the greater Berlantiverse).

Score: 6/10

Images courtesy of DC Entertainment

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