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Review: Titans Season 2 Episode 3 – Ghosts

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Writer: Tom Pabst

Director: Kevin Tancharoen

(Spoilers ahead) 

Titans continues to improve with each episode thus far in Season 2. As it embraces it’s comic book roots, it’s falling more inline with it’s sister show, Doom Patrol, and could easily fit in with anyone of the Arrowverse shows on The CW. Even from last weekGhosts takes a big step forward with only a few lingering issues left behind (and, for me, they are largely ignorable issues).

Ghosts spends much of it’s time with the original members of the Titans team and delves into their a bit of their past. Doctor Light as escaped jail, reluctantly bringing all the old Titans back to Titans Tower. Aside from Dick Grayson, the original team want very little to do with the Titans or the Tower—the secrets of their past still haunt them. Dick wants to rebuild and make a better team; one that can learn from the sins of the original. It’s not just heroes of old that are (temporarily) getting back together—Doctor Light is working with Deathstroke to exact revenge on the Titans. While most of the new team sit this one out, Gar and Jason Todd get a little bit of action that helps wrap up this episode.


Titans feels like it’s starting to find it’s footing and now that it has, I have to wonder why they didn’t make it part of the greater universe of TV shows that DC has over on The CW. Last season was definitely “too adult” to fit in, but with the lighter tone, it could work. Universe building aside, Ghosts does a great job at bringing our heroes together and giving us the tense feeling the old Titans have about their past. While it originally felt that Hank was out of the superhero game because he had a hard time not crossing certain lines, the interaction between Donna and Dick make it seem like something big went down in the past.

I’d love a few more flashbacks to dive deeper into it, but I suspect we’ll get those throughout the season; which is for the best, as there is already a bit too much going on as the character list grows. Specifically, Kory’s story—I’m not sure introducing her royal heritage in a side quest was the best thing for the pacing of this packed show. And with her getting the call for help from Rachel, I’m hoping there is a good enough payoff for the time she’s spent away from the team in the future.


The biggest disappointment about Ghosts is the use of the new members of the Titans team—Rachel, Gar, and Robin. There is only so much screen time and they aren’t the focal point of this episode, so every minute counts. I just didn’t feel any of those minutes were well serviced for the kids of the team. Each had a brief moment to their own: Rachel’s scene on the phone with Kory, Gar’s scene with Jason discovering the location of Doctor Light, and Jason’s scene with Doctor Light. However, the one scene they all shared together felt… gross? I like where Jason’s story is going, but I was not a fan of him calling Rachel a freak.


Ghosts is the biggest win yet for Titans Season 2. I’m glad to see that Bruce Wayne won’t be part of every episode—his inclusion pulls me out of the story. Most of the team is together and the only real story that seems like “too much” is Kory’s. I’m hoping for a big pay off from that, otherwise her story could have been better served for later in the season. I know most fans are having an issue with pacing, but I honestly feel like it’s mostly fine. The performances continue to be clutch with great writing to back them up. My biggest worry is how they’re going to handle adding another character next week—we barely spent anytime with Rose, who was introduced last week!

Score: 9/10

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