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Review: Titans Season 2 Episode – Rose

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Writer: Richard Hatem

Director: Nathan Hope

(Spoilers ahead) 

After last week’s Titans Season 1 finale / Season 2 premiere episode, the show returns with it’s second episode of Season 2, Rose. As DC Univerese‘s flagship show, that had it’s first season outdone by both of the streaming services other live action originals (Doom Patrol, Swamp Thing), it’s refreshing to see that it has found it’s footing. With the missteps in the past, Titans has the opportunity to continue the story while forging ahead in it’s sophomore season. While not technically the Season 2 premiere, Rose sets the tone for rest of the season in a way Trigon couldn’t.

Rose shows our heroes adapted to their new, no longer on the run, lives. Dick Grayson and his new Titans—Jason Todd, Rachel Roth, and Gar Logan—are training and preparing for the next threat. Dawn Granger and Hank Hall have retired out on the ranch, while Donna Troy and Kori are a pair of super powered PIs. At Titans Tower, Jason is getting fed up with all the training; though Dick assures him that not only is it for his benefit, he needs Jason. The others, Rachel and Gar, look up to him—he is Robin after all. There’s also a new prospect in town; an unknown girl (whom we later find out to be the titular Rose) is running from the cops and is later brought to the tower. An old villain tried to kill Dawn and Hank, as well as Dick, which teases a reunion.


This weeks episode has restored some faith in TitansRose felt like a proper introduction to Season 2 and was, for the most part, great across the board. I was glad to see at least one costumed hero, Dove, in action (though, both Donna and Kori were in action; just not so much in costume). While I don’t want to see a love triangle with Dawn, Hank, and Dick; I do want to see the effects of getting back into action has on Hank. And yes, I obviously can’t wait until Dick finds out Rose is Deathstroke’s daughter, but I think the MVP storyline of Rose was Jason and Dick’s.

I’m unfamiliar with Jason Todd as Robin in the comics, so I’m not sure if he was a hot head [as Robin] in the comics, but I love how much he wants to leave and be in action. You can see the gut punch when Dick tells him that he and Bruce don’t think he’s ready to go back to Gotham. But Dick, a former Batman sidekick himself, doesn’t want to be the Titans version of Batman. He let’s Jason know that he’s Robin now and that the other two kids look up to him—he needs Jason to help train the Rachel and Gar to survive in battle.


With one concise story, Rose is a huge improvement plotting wise. Richard Hatem’s writing is, overall, good and great when it comes to the scenes with Jason Todd. The biggest complaint I have with the episode is a rollover from last week—Iain Glenn’s Bruce Wayne. There is something off with his performance and I still can’t picture him off fighting with the Justice League (as mentioned last week). On the flip side, new comer Chelsea Zhang is wonderful as Rose. She looks great in action and she portrays being scared while brooding perfectly. I do have to hand the MVP award to both Brenton Thwaites and Curran Walters for their only lone scene together. I was also hoping to see Colton Haynes when the Roy Harper name was dropped—but that’s just a far fetched Arrowverse dream.


Rose is a big improvement over last week, setting the tone for the rest of the season. There was an awesome tease about Dick becoming Nightwing and most of the team is reuniting in San Francisco. While having a team for a superhero show isn’t new, the Arrowverse has been doing it with all their shows for nearly 8 years, it could go either way on Titans. With 8 heroes likely meeting at Titans Tower next week, more if Kori turns up, there is a lot for the show to juggle. I’m hopeful that they continue to keep a better balance of Greg Berlanti’s “Three H’s”—heroics, humor, and heart—because last season (and last episode) was still a bit too dark for what I want out of my heroes.

Score: 8/10

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