RPG Promo: We Hunt Bugs

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While That’s Entertainment has it’s roots in video games, it’s the tabletop role playing games that have captures our staffer’s minds as of late. From the founders running their own D&D campaign to appearing on actual play podcasts, like Party of OneTRPG’s have just as much room in our hearts as the video variety.

Orcs Unlimited Games has a new TRPG available, We Hunt Bugs.

Do you want to hunt alien bugs for fun and profit? Then The Company has a job for you. You can make big money exterminating bugs off faster than light capable space ships. What is the worst that could happen? I men if the bugs kill you your clone can get payback , right? 


When humanity finally unlocked the secrets to faster than light travel they also discovered that space has an ecosystem. Humanity has always looked to their tools and wits to be the dominant predator but quickly discovered that even greater more highly evolved apex predators await in the cold vacuum of space. To rival these apex predators humans did what it is natural for them to do. They formed their own monsters, in the guise of the corporations. Using debts and bounties to convince people to tackle mind-numbingly dangerous missions, they know only one truth. Space travel is expensive and people are not. We Hunt Bugs is based around the idea that simple rules & quick resolutions makes for a more exciting and engaging role-playing experience. All you need is a character sheet (provided inside), a pencil and up to 8 six sided dice. So get your favorite caffeinated beverage, a group of friends and your Orc’s Unlimited ball cap because space isn’t as empty as you might have thought and you’re going to need all the help you can get.


Orcs Unlimited Games is a small press indie table top game company, that makes the games the big guys can’t or wont. We want to get the gaming public excited about the weekend game, by letting them play strange new characters in strange new places.

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