Sandman Universe #1 Review

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The Sandman series is always regarded with such high reverence from some many individuals; as is alot of Neil Gaiman’s works. Every so often, we get to return to visit Dream and friends for new entries into the Sandman mythos. Fans were treated a couple of years ago to Sandman Overture, which still regarded as one of the best books in the 2013-2014 comic year. Gaiman invites us once again into the beloved mythology with Sandman Universe.

Sandman Universe is an interesting book to talk about because well, Dream has little to do with it. Throughout the course of this supersized book we follow Matthew, a crow, who is trying to make his way into the real world. He’s trying to make his way in because there is a crack within the dream realm and they are honestly trying to solve its mystery.

Gaiman hits this one straight out of the park. His crafting of the storytelling as we are guided throughout the dream realm is wild, weird and witty. There are some moments of the story telling that don’t quite add up just yet to the reader. Fingers crossed it makes sense in the long haul. There are an assortment of these dream sequences that don’t really service a purpose for this particular issue but could later down the line.


The assortment of artists Gaiman brings with him on this book are a mighty sight to behold. Color pallets range from bright and happy to dark and gloomy. Just about every different experiment with color feels right for the portion of the story.

Overall, Sandman Universe is a must read and could in fact go down as one of this year’s most talked about books. The color pallets pop brightly and brilliantly when exploring the dream scape. While also remains dark and somber to the source material that made us fall in love with him in the first place. Gaiman hits another home run with the writing. Excited to see what more this series will hold.


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