Saving Erasmus by Steven Cleaver

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I typically stay away from promoting “hot button” topics on That’s Entertainment, but would we consider Kevin Smith’s Dogma a “hot button” topic? I don’t think so, and Saving Erasmus is no different. Steven Cleaver, who also wins my heart by being a podcaster, brings a humorous story with his novel (names Best Christian Fiction by Publishers Weekly).


This hilarious novel of ideas will challenge your assumptions about community, love, death, and what might one day emerge from your washing machine. “I did not expect to meet the Angel of Death while he was extricating himself from a washing machine. Actually, I wasn’t really expecting to meet the Angel of Death at all. Not this soon. Not in this place.” When fresh seminary graduate, Andrew Benoit, is sent to the tiny parish of Erasmus, he soon encounters the Angel of Death who threatens to destroy the town. What ensues is both deadly fun and deadly serious. Along the way, Andrew follows many paths of inquiry, discovering the history of the American cinema, encounters with medieval saints, fear of the apocalypse, the Angel of Death, and conversations with a curious group of mystics who meet at the Instant Coffee Cup. This modern-day Jonah tries desperately to save a small town only to discover that he himself is the one who needs saving.

You can purchase Saving Erasmus here! You can also follow Steven Cleaver on Twitter (@DJCleaver) or on his blog

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