Science Fiction Promo – Darkleich Files: The Raptarian

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Hello there Otherworld fans.  Tellest has had an incredibly busy first quarter of the year.  Between putting out and writing new books, a new game and all the art you can shake a stick at, it’s been hectic, but it’s also been awesome.  As we move into Spring, we’re moving even faster and harder than before. Bryan Barton has burst onto the scene with his world-changing Darkleich Files, an explosive science fiction series that begins with The Raptarian. Though it’s only a debut tale, this book has the feel of something meatier—something with presence.  Taking place over half a millennium in the future, Barton has had an entire universe to play with, and he’s made some sweeping and awesome changes to what we know, and what is bound to be.  The author isn’t shy about twisting what you think you know about a character, and that gives it even more oomph as you dig deeper into the story. ‘The Darkleich Files: The Raptarian’ takes readers out of Earth’s boundaries and into a boundless adventure with the bold and brave Criminal Retrieval Unit, as they race to hunt down the truth behind the galaxy’s crimes. Join Darkleich the head of the Criminal Retrieval Unit, to hunt down and bring back wanted criminals from the fifteen planets, that are part of the United Alliance of Interplanetary Worlds. Darkleich has been tasked to hunt down a Raptarian called Zigart as he has assassinated Prime Minister Toolun a member of the senate. It transpires to be a bigger job than Darkleich expects and he embarks on a chase not only for Zigart but also the truth. Barton cares dearly for this new series he’s beginning, that much is clear.  Some people are satisfied to create one world—Barton’s set up his lexicon for fifteen.  Perhaps just as important, he’s also developed characters you grow attached to.  If he can do what he does here again, he’s bound to receive a wave of fans in the near future.  Check out Darkleich Files: The Raptarian on Amazon today. The post Science Fiction Promo – Darkleich Files: The Raptarian appeared first on Tellest.