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Comics are this weird & wonderous medium, that with it you can always expect the unexpected. Take Kara Zor-El for instance. Supergirl‘s publisher, DC Comics, announced back in February that this specific title would be ending with issue 20 this past April. Yet, expect the unexpected because here we are with issue #21.

In some ways. this story feels appropriate to follow the events of Man of Steel. Steel introduces us to the villain, Rogor Zaar. A villain who makes the claim that he alone laid waste to Krypton. This issue heavily explores how that notion and concept really wrestle with Kara on a psychological level. There’s one brilliant scene in particular where she tells Superman that losing Krypton affects her more because she grew up there and established a life there.


There are amazing moments where the dialogue tries to establish a mature tone. I really appreciated that about this issue and even, dare I say, direction. There are other moments though. That maturity quickly fades. There is a moment with Krypto, the dog, where understood why they had the scene there. It just felt out of place for what they were trying to do. The tone is never quite constant enough.

The art, however, is constant. Not really in the way that it feels like it should be. The artist is good at what they do, they are just on the wrong book or even arc. The art consistently feels too bright. At moments paired with the writing it works wonderfully. Take the earlier mentioned Krypto scene for example.

Overall, Supergirl #21 has an interesting story to tell, should it pick its tone. The art for the book feels misplaced, but it still is good (don’t get me wrong). The writing does have its moments of depth and brilliance, just not through in its constancy.


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