Superman #1 Review

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The Man of Steel has a mission, and it just got more complicated than you can imagine.


It’s a tale as old as time (yeah yeah, sue me Disney), Superman is given a perplexing task and he rises to meet it while dealing with his humanistic emotions. But how does one search the entire galaxy while also protecting Earth/Metropolis all at the same time? The super-speed helps, as does the enhanced vision. But the fact remains: Superman’s family is far from reach no matter what power he may have.

Meanwhile, he has to keep up with his alter ego Clark Kent while covering the every day life of Metropolis. Fold that in with his “exclusive interview” with Superman that he has to write up concerning the destruction (and re-building) of The Fortress of Solitude, Brian Michael Bendis brings us another great take on Supes post-Man Of Steel and post-Action Comics #1000.

But while saving Louis Lane and his son can be a pretty compelling storytelling, it wouldn’t be proper Bendis without a twist.

While this pretty typical Supes issue won’t excite much at the beginning, an interesting meeting with Martian Manhunter followed by a shocking discovery gives us insight into how non-typical Superman this story will be. If you thought he had faced the worst of his enemies already, just wait till you see what threat imposes on our crazy Earth this time.

Score: 8/10

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