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The Ladies Who Rant Episode 14: Mueller

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The Ladies Who Rant are back! There are things to tackle (like the Mueller investigation), pop culture to reference, and a battle of the franchises (Harry Potter v Star Trek).

Harley Quinn #50 Review

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Harley Quinn smashes the DC Universe into smithereens Buckle your seat belts, comic fans.  This issue is going to be a bumpy ride.  If you like a good multiverse collapse story, then you will love this parody of ‘Dark Nights: Metal’ in Harley Quinn #50. When we last left Harley, she had just returned from a summer vacation on planet …

REVIEW: Batman: Damned (Book One)

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LET’S TALK NOSTALGIA… Back in the day, DC Comics used to really treat us readers to some special events that have since become outdated of sorts. Events like Invasion, The Dark Knight Returns and the Elseworlds titles. Stories and events that were set out of continuity of current story arcs. Stories that were made that were told over one to …

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Superhero MovieCast EP#57: Ranking the Batman Films

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Thomas is joined by Josh Burkey (from Victims and Villains) and Matt Olsen to discuss and rank 12 Batman movies (shown in theaters).

REVIEW: Deathstroke #35

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DON’T YOU HATE IT WHEN… Do you remember when they first announced that the supposed Man of Steel sequel was actually called Batman vs Superman? How everyone lost their minds to see a battle between the big blue boy scout and the dark knight in live action. Then that fight only ended up being a few minutes. They build their …

Justice League Dark #2 Review

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The success of our heroes is all a matter of Fate. When we last left our heroes, the cadavers of fallen Magic users had sprung back to life. Deep in the basement of the Hall of Justice, we find them still going toe to toe following a flashback to Wonder Woman’s past. For Bobo, Diana, Swamp Thing, Man-Bat and Zatanna …