Review: Multiple Man #1

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In a stellar return, Marvel gives us multiple reasons to keep reading. Over the years there have been a bunch of characters in the Marvel Universe that one may consider a “toss-in”. Could this scene use an extra voice? Toss this character in. When you have a line that needs to be delivered, but not by a character important to …

Review: Mother Panic #4

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Mother Panic gives Gotham a solid kick in her new issue SPOILERS AHEAD To put it bluntly; Mother Panic is good.  Surprisingly good.  The alternate Gotham universe, penned by Jody Houser, at first glace, looks like a pretty spider web.  Now it is starting to look like a blood-stained tapestry of Frank Miller proportions. In this recent issue of Mother …

Review: The Cloak and Dagger Series

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The highly anticipated and media hyped ‘Cloak and Dagger’ live action series is in full swing on Freeform. Marvel Entertainment earned a lot of success with programs like ‘Daredevil’ and ‘Jessica Jones’ through Netflix, now they are branching out with other streaming services by re-introducing Cloak and Dagger to a new audience. While these characters have been retconned and updated …

Review: Plastic Man #1

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A classic Golden Age character is resurrected for his own six issue run. The Plastic Man is here to kick ass and bend in uncomfortable ways. The wisecracking, contorting chameleon is back on the DC main stage after a long absence. He has been retconned, dropped, and resurrected many times since his introduction in Quality Comics in the 1940’s, but …

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Review: Justice League – No Justice #1

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From ‘Dark Nights: Metal’ comes ‘No Justice’! Kevin M. Gallagher, Jr reviews ‘Justice League: No Justice’ #1. Written by Scott Snyder, James Tynion IV, and Joshua Williamson. With art by Francis Manapul. Is Brainiac here to destroy Earth… or to help save it?

Batman and The Signal #2

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Reading “Batman and The Signal” is like watching a Home-Run happen in slow-motion. At first glance, “Batman and The Signal” felt slightly insulting. Spawning from “We Are Robin” and “Batman: Endgame”, Duke Thomas’ new mantle as the Nightwing-but-with-powers known as “The Signal” seemed to be the writers picking an obvious direction to go in. Over the first couple of panels they …