REVIEW: Border Town #1

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CAN MONSTERS AND HUMANS REALLY CO-EXIST? Many mythologies have merged reality and monsters. Sometimes it gets a huge following like The X-Files, Twilight, or Lord of the Rings.  Then there are those that never really take off. I invite you to enter the latest offering from Vertigo comics, Border Town. Border Town tells the story of Frank, a teenager adjusting to a new life in Devil’s …

Kindle Scout Horror – The Atchafalaya Horror

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Hello everyone, and welcome to another edition of books by awesome writers.  Usually, we look at books that have already been released, but occasionally, we get an opportunity to help books getreleased.  We’ve had some promos in the past that have helped out in this regard, and today, we’re hoping you could help out another author worthy of your support. A.D. …

Everything is Awesome Episode 39.5 – Challenge Accepted

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Happy Halloween! We’ve got a BONUS episode for you today! Let’s just whip up the magic words: Hocus pocus, boil and toil, double the trouble! *poof* IT WORKED! We’ve got a great conversation with Suzy Stein and Fernando Perez, the creators and writers for their graphic novel, The Mark of Kings.