Fantasy Promo – Bolan’s Quest: Legend of the Black Sword

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Hello there!  Welcome to a brand new year of magnificent fantasy, from within the world of Tellest and beyond.  I’m very happy today to be taking a visit to the Otherworld, where I’ve just discovered an awesome new storyteller, Paul Simmonds.  The author knows very well how to create compelling storylines and develop interesting characters, […]

LitRPG Promo – Resurrection of Adventure (Book 1): Dirty Rotten Magic

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Howdy folk!  It has been just over a year since the last time we visited another world inside the Otherworld.  What I’m talking about, of course, is LitRPGs, that genre that exists that makes you feel like you’re part of a virtual world, watching action unfold from the inside.  And today I’m very happy to possibly […]

Urban Fantasy Promo – Dulcinea and the Death Code

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Hello there!  It has been a long while since we’ve had a visit to the Otherworld, and it’s something we’re excited to change.  With plenty of fantasy books to read on the horizon, it’s a great time to be a reader.  And we’re coming back a great time, because we have some awesome new stories […]

victims & villains episode 180: live at south street cinema featured image

Victims & Villains Episode 180: Live at South Street Cinema

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We’re excited to present a live and in person episode. An episode that answers the burning question, what is the greatest comedy of all time?

Interview with Andrew Scott

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Intro: Howdy everyone! We’ve got a cool bonus for you today.  During our interview process with Kyle Mata, we came across the awesome opportunity to speak with the narrator of Scorpion: The Rae Wars, Andrew Scott.  Mata was very proud of the work that Scott put into the book, and it’s easy to see hear […]

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Interview with Kyle Mata

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Intro: Hello folks! We’re here today for an interview with Kyle Mata. He is the author of the newly released Sci-Fi novel, Scorpion: The Rae Wars. Join us as we find out how he got his start, how the Scorpion Universe is developing, and what’s coming up next!   Tellest: Hi there Kyle.  Thanks for […]

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Urban Fantasy Promo – Awakening of a Soul Keeper

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Howdy folks!  It’s a New Year, and that means tons of new books are waiting for us.  Whether you’re looking for fantasy, science-fiction or horror, Tellest and the Otherworld will certainly have you covered for the next twelve months and beyond! Today’s featured story comes from Brienne Dubh, a meticulous author who knows her way […]

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