Invasion from Planet Wrestletopia

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A new comic series brings wrestling from the stars Hyperbole, spandex, comedy, and aliens abound in the new flagship title from Suspicious Behavior Productions. Uh oh, I think I have discovered my new favorite comic book.   To start, I am a wrestling fan.  Yeah, I admit it. When I was a kid I was astounded by Wrestlemania, and captivated by …

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Everything is Awesome Episode 101 – New Year, New Pod! with Matt Fowler

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It’s 2018 and it’s our first show of the year!! We’ve changed our format ever so slightly and to kick it off right, we have Matt Fowler! We discuss wrestling, Matt getting into acting, and podcasting, specifically from an audio drama perspective.

Everything is Awesome Episode 72 – CHOP! (LIVE at Amalgam Comics & Coffeehouse)

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We had the pleasure of bring Everything is Awesome’s very first guest (and official super friend), Garrett Smith, as special guest co-host. The two donned their best wrestling masks as they welcomed Ophidian to the stage, where Kev taunted his wrestling lineage and was promptly chopped.

Everything is Awesome Episode 38 – I Don’t Wear Skinny Jeans

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This week, Adam and Travis from After 6 Podcast are on the show! Kev insults them pretty early on, but makes up for it by being a fan of wrestling and tabletop podcasts! The boys tell their origins of podcasting as random things come up; like Too Many Cooks, Game of Thrones, Q-Pod, Stranger Things, and much more!

Everything is Awesome Episode 32 – Magnum π

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As we begin to round out our month of celebrating the Philadelphia Podcast Festival, we finish our conversation with Tripp and Andrew from Dissecting the ’80s! We discuss Hulk Hogan, themes, crying during movies, and more! The boys are doing their LIVE show TODAY (8/28/2016) at 5pm as part of the 2015 Philadelphia Podcast Festival. They’ll be at Tattooed Mom on South Street. You should check it out.