Review: Multiple Man #1

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In a stellar return, Marvel gives us multiple reasons to keep reading. Over the years there have been a bunch of characters in the Marvel Universe that one may consider a “toss-in”. Could this scene use an extra voice? Toss this character in. When you have a line that needs to be delivered, but not by a character important to …

Back Issues: Secret Empire Underground #1

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Marvel rolls a D20 in this successful Savage Land saga. If there are two things I love, it’s a mixed team-up of Marvel hero’s on a trip to the Savage Land. This one was clearly meant to be, and could very easily be mistaken for a Dungeon’s & Dragons campaign gone well. The cast of characters pulled together for this …

Everything is Awesome Episode 59 – Just Show Up And Be The Pretty Face

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Joining the ever growing list of Super Friends, Karly B.—founder of the Core Temp Arts podcast network—joins Kev to discuss podcasting, adapting for a live show, city life, Super Heroes, and much more!