#TBT: Becoming a Father (the first time)

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Before I get into the actual post, I’d like to point out something… I’m cheating just a bit. I’ve posted this #tbt before. However, our site crashed a while back and I’m fairly certain we have enough new readers to go ahead and reshare this. The plus side to those of you that may have read this before? I never saved a hard copy, so I am rewriting from scratch… therefore this is a new experience for you too! Now, let’s start throwing some Thursdays back, shall we?

How do I exactly define the moment my life changed forever? Was it the day I found out I was going to be a father? Was it the day I first heard a heartbeat? Or was it the day I finally got to see my son? I think everyone’s experience is different, along with what their answer would be. For me, the most defining moments were finding out and finally meeting him.

On January 16th, 2012, my son, Trey, finally arrived to meet his entire family. That, for me, is the day my life changed forever (however, not the day I became a father). It’s quite something to go from having to take care of yourself to taking care of a small human. I’m sure if you’re a parent, you know that feeling from when your child was born. For those that have yet to have children, or have not had them for whatever reason, you’re not exactly in the know. It’s hard to explain, but I assure you there is no other feeling like it. Even over 3 and a half years in, and a second child, that feeling of witnessing your child enter into our world out weighs the terrible twos and this whole new threenager phase.

It’s extreme happiness… I don’t care what has ever made you the happiest you’ve ever been; having a kid trumps it. On the tough days, I think about the day my kids were born and smile. You hit a certain age and you realize that life throws you a lot of shit, but having something to look forward to makes it all worth it. I’ve accomplished some cool little dreams I had, but on January 16th, 2012; the most important dream, that I didn’t even really know I had until then, came true– becoming a father.

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