Tellest Art: Adelia by Clover-Teapot, part 2

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In early September, we showed you a new collaboration that we had with an artist called Clover-Teapot.  She started us up with one of our fan favorite characters, Adelia.


Adelia 4


It’s time, now, to show you the extent of her work, and how awesome a job she did.


Adelia 5


This was a rather subtle change—she altered the way that Adelia was looking within the subject matter.  Our mage is fully aware that she’s being watched.  At this point, it could almost look like this is one of those paintings that watches you, its eyes following you throughout the room.


Adelia 6


The eyes and the shading were changed further here, but the biggest difference is likely the way the magic is presented.  Adelia has a wide array of magical abilities to tap into, so we wanted to present something that didn’t have a particular affinity.  The swirls of colors don’t necessary evoke a specific elemental magic, and that gave us just what we wanted.


Adelia 7


This was our finished piece in its entirety.  The painterly window and each little bit of the portrait pops that much more now.  Even though the changes were subtle each time, they still managed to come together to look absolutely amazing in this last piece.  Adelia has come a long way since the girl on the front of the Mageborn cover—it’ll be interesting writing her from point A to point B!

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