Tellest Character Art – Eclipse Clarion

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Hey folks!  We’ve got another look at a classic character today. Eclipse has been a part of the Tellest universe since As Darkness Falls, but that second book hasn’t had a lot shown off for it yet. We’ve focused on some big characters (Venathryn, Narallyndra, Zoe and Retrus to name a few), but most of the character art we’ve seen thus far comes from Bindings and the Tales of Tellest series books.

We got Hozure involved to do a pretty cool take on our favorite ranger from the Spirit Woods though. We’ve got tons more coming from Hozure in the weeks and months to come, so keep your eyes peeled!

Fun Fact: In the original Tellest book from sixteen years ago, Eclipse was introduced in the first book.  While he didn’t have a speaking role in The Bindings of Fate, he did make a brief appearance.

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